Seeing Stars headed to Chile

Hello everyone, this is Mike Prokosch.  I wanted to ya’ll know in case you hadn’t heard, that I will be travelling to Chile this June as part of the inaugural group of the Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassadors Program.  I am one of 9 ambassadors chosen to represent the United States astronomy education community in Chile.  I will be visiting many of the major international observatories located in the Atacama Desert there including CTIO, Gemini South, and ALMA.  I leave on June 19th and return on July 1st.  This is going to be quite the adventure.  An observatory at 16,500 feet in altitude!  Gemini South and its 8.3 meter telescope!  Sagittarius at ZENITH in a country with a nation wide light pollution ordinance!  Wild Flamingos!  Great Food!  I will be posting regularly on this blog page as often as possible.  You can also follow me on twitter at MikeProkosch@shsuobservatory and Facebook at Michael Prokosch.


Clear Skies!