Directions to the Observatory

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Directions from Sam Houston State University:

  1. Take Sam Houston Avenue north (toward the Walker County Courthouse).
  2. Turn right (east) onto State Highway 30 (11th Street) at light by the courthouse.
  3. Follow Hwy 30 to State Highway 19.  (Hwy 30 splits from 11th Street.  If you miss the turn, just keep going–you’ll still get to Hwy 19.)
  4. Turn left (north) onto State Highway 19.
  5. The observatory is on Knox Circle Drive, which is exactly 2 miles north of Jack’s Truck Stop.

If you miss the turn onto Knox Circle and end up in Riverside, then turn around and head back toward Huntsville.  Knox Circle Drive is 2 miles south of the Riverside city limits sign.

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