Member Websites

  • Allan’s Stuff – Allan Hall is a professional photographer with a passion for astrophotography.  His website highlights his various interests and hobbies, including pen and watch collecting, and astronomy.
  • The Atomic Cafe – Don Taylor is an avid astro-imager who does much of his work at the SHSU observatory.  Some of his images have been featured in National Geographic magazine.
  • Clayton’s Wanderlust for Stardust – Clayton Bownds jumped into astrophotography with both feet! His excellent images can be seen on his blog.
  • DL-DIGITAL – Dick Locke is a nature and astrophotographer.  His website features images of beautiful West Texas scenery and wildlife, as well as deep sky and solar system images.
  • Eastex Astronomy – Rory Glasgow is an amateur astronomer who enjoys experimenting with low-budget astrophotography.  His blog showcases his favorite images and some silly articles.
  • Polaris B – Val Ricks does most of his imaging from his home, just south of Conroe, Texas.  Val has a talent for producing beautiful, detailed images despite the light pollution in his area.
  • Seeing Stars (Wikispaces) and Seeing Stars (Yola) – Mike Prokosch is a school teacher, director of the SHSU planetarium and observatory, and the president of HAAS.  His websites highlight a few of his favorite images with an emphasis on education.
  • Smoggy Bottom Observatory – Hubert Atkinson lives in southeast Texas, but the light pollution doesn’t stop him from enjoying the sky from his private observatory!

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